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  1. v4: Basic use of Flight Schedule Pro 

    1. Making Reservations (v4)
    2. Dispatch and Record your Flights (v4)
    3. Manage your Personal Account (v4)
    4. Set up your Work Schedule (v4)
  2. v4: Getting Setup (for Admins) 

    1. 1. Set up your Company (v4)
    2. 2. Set up User Roles (v4)
    3. 3. Set up User Documents (v4)
    4. 4. Set up Scheduling (v4)
    5. 5. Add, Invite, and Approve Users (v4)
  3. v4: Manage my Account 

    1. How to Upgrade to v4
    2. Do you offer a trial period? (v4)
    3. What items are counted as resources? (v4)
    4. Can I reactivate a previous Trial Account? (v4)
    5. How can I pay for Flight Schedule Pro? (v4)
  4. v3: Scheduling 

    1. Scheduling Overview (v3)
    2. Scheduling Rules Setup (v3)
    3. How do I setup reservation types? (v3)
    4. Eliminate last minute cancellations (v3)
    5. Priority Reservation Hours (v3)
  5. v3: Managing Users 

    1. User Management Overview (v3)
    2. How do I add and invite users? (v3)
    3. How do I approve new users? (v3)
    4. How do I view/edit a user's profile? (v3)
    5. How do I remove mass users from a role? (v3)
  6. v3: Instructors 

    1. Instructor Overview (v3)
    2. How do I add a new flight instructor? (v3)
    3. About Instructor Roles (v3)
    4. About Instructor Time-Off (v3)
    5. How to Setup Instructor Availability (v3)
  7. v3: Aircraft 

    1. Aircraft Maintenance Overview (v3)
    2. How do I add an Aircraft? (v3)
    3. How do I edit an Aircraft? (v3)
    4. How do I down an aircraft for maintenance? (v3)
    5. How do I deactivate an aircraft temporarily? (v3)
  8. v3: Billing and Invoicing 

    1. Billing & Invoicing Overview (v3)
    2. How do I setup Billing & Invoicing? (v3)
  9. v3: Dispatching 

    1. Dispatching Overview (v3)
    2. How do I activate flight recording with dispatching? (v3)
    3. How do I setup dispatch checks? (v3)
  10. v3: Pilot Currency 

    1. Pilot Currency Overview (v3)
    2. How do I edit a user's pilot information? (v3)
    3. How do I record evidence of TSA documentation? (v3)
    4. How to I setup pilot currency items? (v3)
    5. How do I setup reservation checks? (v3)
  11. All articles 

    1. What are the file size and dimension requirements for images uploaded to the system?
    2. How do I redirect users to my website when they logout of Flight Schedule Pro?
    3. Scheduling Overview (v3)
    4. Aircraft Maintenance Overview (v3)
    5. Instructor Overview (v3)
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