How do I upgrade my company from v3 to v4 Billing & POS?

We are excited to help you transition to v4 Billing!

We redesigned the product from the ground up based on countless hours of customer feedback, many lines of code, and 100's of cups of coffee :-)  . . . the result is a vastly improved product with a growing list of new features:
  • Define special rates for owners, members, staff, etc
  • Let customers run up a tab or prepay to put money on account
  • Send receipts and invoices by email
  • Restrict scheduling and/or dispatch based on outstanding balance
  • New library of billing reports
  • Complete transparency regarding how customer balances are calculated
  • Recurring billing for memberships
  • Sync with QuickBooks Online to keep your books up-to-date
  • Watch the video demo

Ready to upgrade? Here's a suggested course of action:

1. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a member of our team.

3. Activate v4 Billing! (see detail below)  

4. Schedule your "go live" date for v4! This will be handled internally by our team, so we'll need to know the date you want to go live.

Please see the frequently asked questions below:

Activate v4 Billing

You will need to activate v4 Billing to start the setup process!  Don't worry, activating the new billing product will have no effect on your use of the old product. Here's how to activate v4 Billing:

1. While logged into old version 3 of the product, click the blue "Billing & POS" banner on the right side of the page. This will take you to the Billing overview page in the new version of Flight Schedule Pro.

2. Click the blue "Activate Billing & POS" button and confirm. This will activate the v4 billing product for your account.

Your subscription is "grandfathered" since you use the old v3 Billing product - we want to make the transition as easy as possible for you. No additional charges will be applied to your account until January 1st, 2018.

What billing data can I migrate to the new version?

1. You'll have access to all the old v3 Billing reports, even after you've cut over to the new version. We rebuilt these reports in our new UI, just in case you need access to historical data.

2. You can choose to copy all customer balances to the new version. If you prefer not to do this, you can also start from scratch with a new product as far balances . . . or enter them manually per customer.

What is the cost of switching to the new version?

For a limited time, there is no Activation Fee for customers who are currently subscribed to the old v3 Billing product and you won't see additional charges until next year! On January 1, 2018, you will start being charged $99/month instead of $39/month for Billing & POS. Or, if you are on an annual subscription, keep in mind this Billing product is also discounted 15% for annual plans.

Can I continue using the old version?

Upgrading is not yet required. However, when you see the benefits of the new version we think you'll want to upgrade asap!

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