How do I add and invite users? (v3)

This article explains how to add and invite users to start using Flight Schedule Pro. You have many options when it comes to giving people access to Flight Schedule Pro. You can add users manually or have users register on their own via one of the methods below. Having users register themselves saves you time, helps ensure you receive their latest information, and improves the chance that they will be able to log in once their account is created.

Here are your options for adding and inviting users:

Option #1 Link to your Special Signup Page

You can have users register directly from your website by inserting a link to your signup page. You can also email people the link. As users register, you will need to approve them before they can log in.

Option #2 Adding Users Manually

To add a user manually, it is important that you have a correct e-mail addresses so we can send users their log in information via email. If you have multiple users you need to add, or you are not sure you have correct email addresses, we recommend that you try another method.

Follow the steps below to add a user manually (requires that you have permission to Add Users):

  1. Under the Company menu click Users.
  2. Click the Add New User button which will take you to the Add a New User page.
  3. Fill in the required fields.
    • E-mail address. If the user will be logging in, you will need to enter a correct email address for them because this is how they will receive their login information.
    • you do not need to enter an email address for this user.
    • First and Last Name. Enter the user's first and last name.
    • Default Language and Time Zone. Enter the user's language and time zone.
    • Roles. Select the role(s) you want to assign this user to.
    • Locations (if multiple locations). Select the locations you want to give this user access to.
  4. Click Save Changes to create the user. A temporary password will be sent to the user via email so that they can confirm their email address. Since you added this user manually, there is no approval required. Once the user confirms their email address, they will be able to login immediately.

Option #3 Invite users to register at

  1. Send users to
  2. Click Have an Account? Login Here at the top right of the page
  3. Click User Registration. They will then select your company name which will direct them to your signup gateway page so they can register.
  4. You will need to approve the users that register before they will be able to log in.
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