How do I setup reservation checks? (v3)

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Reservation checks are completely optional. If you don't activate them, the checks will not be made. It is best to start out with a few checks at first so that making reservations does not become too restrictive. You can also run checks at the time of dispatch, called dispatch checks. These work much the same as reservation checks, only are at the time of dispatch.

Reservation checks can be defined as the items you can check at the time of a reservation. At the time a reservation is made, you can check to see if the pilot satisfies aircraft requirements such as ratings, endorsements, type checkouts, total time, etc. You can also verify that the pilot has a current medical, proper TSA Documentation, up-to-date pilot currency items, and meets other requirements such as "days since last flown in type" and "last flight date". Flight Schedule Pro can also check to verify aircraft airworthiness at the time of the reservation.

You have the option of what happens if any of those checks are not satisfied. If you'd like, you can stop the reservation altogether* or you can allow the reservation to go through and conveniently display any unsatisfied checks. This could help inform the pilot of what issues need to be resolved when they arrive at the airport.

*User's with the permission "Can Override Reservation Check Errors" can always proceed with a reservation.

To Activate Reservation Checks:

This task requires permission to Edit Company Preferences

(Company > System Setup > Scheduling > Preferences)

  1. Under the Company menu click System Setup.

  2. On the left click Scheduling > Preferences.

  3. Scroll to the section labeled Reservation Checks.

  4. Select the box next to an items you want to check when a reservation is made.

  5. Click Save Changes when you are finished.

Example of how reservation checks work:

Let's say you activated the following reservation checks to be checked at the time a reservation is made:
  • "Solo required?", "Sport required?", "multi-engine required?", "type checkout required?"
  • We are stating that when a reservation is made, we want to check for these things; first to see if the aircraft requires them. If the aircraft does require them, then the system will check to see if the pilot or instructor satisfies those requirements.
Let's say you also activated the following aircraft requirements for N92555 which is a Cessna 172:
  • "Needs Solo", "Needs Complex", and "requires type checkout"
  • We are stating that this aircraft requires these items.
  • If you don't have any reservation checks activated, then any aircraft requirements you've setup will not be checked at the time of the reservation. To check for an aircraft requirement when a reservation is made, you must activate the reservation check for that item.
Using our example, when Pilot Joe makes a reservation:
  • What are the active reservation checks?
  • Out of the active reservation checks, which items does the aircraft require?
  • The system will only check to see if Pilot Joe or his instructor has a Solo endorsement and the proper type checkout because even though the aircraft requires a Complex rating, it is not an active reservation check. We could, however, set that item as an active dispatch check.

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