Working with Reservations

This article explains how to work with reservations and get around the schedule.

Make and edit your reservations
Using the schedule

Start a New Reservation

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There are several ways to start a new reservation.

  1. From the Home tab on the left-hand menu, select New next to My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard.

  2. From the Reservations tab on the left-hand menu, select New Reservation.

  3. From the Schedule tab on the left-hand menu, select New Reservation from the Book Now drop down list.

  4. On the Schedule tab, you can also simply click on the block where you want the reservation or click on the heading for the day you want the reservation and select New Reservation from the drop down list.

Make a New Reservation

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To make a new reservation:

  1. Open the New Reservation screen.
  2. Select the Activity Type from the drop down list. The other reservation fields will depend on the Activity Type settings.
  3. Enter the Start and End date and times for the reservation.
  4. To make the appointment recurring, check the Recurring box and select how often to recur the appointment.
  5. To schedule training with the reservation, select the Member name, select the Course name, and select the Lesson, if applicable. For recurring reservations, you may want to keep the lesson unselected and update each reservation with the appropriate lesson.

  6. Select the Aircraft or scheduling group from the drop down list.
  7. Add Comments, Internal Comments or Notifications, if desired.
  8. Select Continue.

Review the reservation information and select either Book and Notify or Book it.

If you see the error message below, this means one or more of your selections are unavailable during the time frame you selected. 


Click see available slots and we'll show you a few available slots based on your selections. Or, change your selections and click Continue to try again.

View a Reservation

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If the reservation was successful, you should see your new reservation listed under My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard. If you have a lot of reservations, you may need to click View All at the bottom of the My Upcoming Reservations widget to see your appointment.

You can also locate a reservation directly from the Schedule.

Select View next to a reservation to see the Reservation screen showing the details.

The Reservation screen allows you to quickly perform a number of activities:

  • Check out/check in - dispatch and record a flight, only if the reservation has already been assigned to a tail either automatically or manually
  • Assign a Tail - for reservations assigned to a scheduling group with manual tail assignments, you must assign a tail before you can check out
  • Edit - make changes to the reservation 
  • Add Invoice - enter new sales associated with this reservation
  • Log Session - log a training session associated with this reservation
  • Delete - cancel a reservation
  • Add to Calendar - add a calendar entry in ical, Google or Outlook format
  • Training - view information related to training associated with this reservation and perform additional actions
    • View scheduled training sessions - the Training section of the Reservations screen shows any scheduled training sessions associated with this reservation
    • View course/lesson details (i.e., for preflight study) - the reservation includes a course and lesson(s), click the link(s) to view the associated course overview and lesson information

    • Log - Select Log next to a scheduled training session to log a training session associated with this reservation 
    • View - Select View next to a logged training session to open the Training Sessions window or edit the session details by selecting Edit at the bottom of the Training Sessions window
    • Mismatch - Identify mismatch between logged training times and flight log.

  • Transactions - view information related to billing associated with this reservation and perform additional actions
    • View Invoice
    • Receive Payment
    • Edit Sale
    • Return/Refund
    • View Returns
    • Void/Delete)
  • Flight - view flight information
  • Comments - view and edit comments
  • Internal Comments - view and edit internal comments
  • Reservation History - show details about any action taken on this reservation

Edit your reservation

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To change an existing reservation:

  1. Under My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard, select the reservation you wish to edit.
  2. On the Reservation screen, select Edit.
  3. Modify the reservation details as needed and select Continue.
  4. Review your changes. If more changes are needed, select Edit. To continue, select Book and Notify or Book it.
  5. When your reservation has been updated successfully, a green confirmation displays at the top of your screen.

Cancel your reservation

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You may cancel your reservation from the Dashboard or from the Schedule, provided the company does not have cancellation rules that restrict when you're allowed to cancel.

  1. Under My Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard, select the reservation you wish to cancel.
  2. From the Reservation screen, select Delete.
  3. If required, select the reason for the cancellation.
  4. Select Delete.

Once your reservation has been cancelled, a red confirmation box displays at the top of your screen.

Assign a Tail

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You can create a placeholder reservation when you schedule by group using a group with a manual tail assignment. Before the scheduled flight, the reservation must be assigned to a specific resource. The Reservation will show on the schedule assigned to a group resource slot as in the following example.

To assign a tail:

  1. View the reservation.
  2. Select Assign a Tail.
  3. Select the resource from the Tail drop down list.
  4. To view one of the Aircraft Reports to check availability or maintenance status, select a report from the View Reports drop down list. The Reports screen opens in a new window.
  5. Select Assign.
The reservation is updated on the schedule and is now available for Check Out.

Getting around the Schedule

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(To open this video in a new tab on YouTube, click here)

Select Schedule from the left-hand menu. You'll see this navigation bar at the top of the schedule views:

Select a Date: Click the left and right arrows to jump forward or back a day. Or click the calendar to jump to a specific date. You can always click Today to get back to the current day.

Select a Schedule Layout (i.e. Day Vertical): To the right of the Today button is a schedule layout drop down. Navigate to your view of choice. Keep in mind, you can setup a default schedule filter to automatically take you to the schedule layout of your choice.

Filter button: Depending on your window size, you may see the Filter button or the individual filter options. The Filter opens the Schedule Filter window, where you can save or apply a schedule filter to automatically display the schedule layout of your choice.  

Filter options: If you see the filter options instead of the Filter button, you can make filter selections directly from the Schedule screen in one or more of the following to filter your schedule:
  • Aircraft/Groups
  • Instructors
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Equipment
  • Activity Types
  • Reservations (All/Standby/My)
For each filter selection, start typing the name to narrow down the list and check the box(es) for the items you want to show or hide (or select Show All or Hide All) and select Apply.
Select clear all to immediately show all locations and resources.

View standby reservations

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To view standby reservations:

  1. Select Schedule from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Only Standby Reservations from the All Reservations filter.

Save and manage your schedule filters 

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You can create multiple filter presets to easily switch to different views on your schedule. You can even set one of the saved filters as a default to show it automatically when you open the schedule.

To save a filter:

  1. Select the Filter button or +save filter from the right side of the schedule.

  2. The filter selections you made on the schedule are selected. You can modify your filter selections in one or more of the following:
    • Aircraft/Groups
    • Instructors
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Equipment
    • Activity Types
    • Reservations (All/Standby/My)
  3. Select Yes for Save this filter to save the filter for future use or select No to apply your filter without saving it.
  4. If saving the filter:
    • Enter text to Name this Filter.
    • If you want this filter to show each time you open the Schedule screen, select Yes for Default Filter.
  5. Select Apply.

If you saved your filter, it is shown on the Saved Filters tab.

Select Edit to the right of a filter to reopen the filter options to make changes or rename it.

Select Delete to the right of a filter to remove it.

Select the filter name to close the window and apply the selected filter to the schedule. Select Close to close the window without applying the filter.

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