1. Set up your Company

This article explains how to set up and review company settings.

Review and update your Company settings

Go to Settings > Company to access the company set up menu.

There are a few important items to review within the company setup menu:

Company Profile: Review and complete company details such as address, phone number, website, etc.

Company Logo:
Customize the look of Flight Schedule Pro with your company logo. This logo will be displayed for all users at the top left of the app in desktop mode.

Login & Sign Up pages: Get your special links for your login and signup pages. Post or share these links with your staff, members, customers, and clients.

System emails setup

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Go to Settings > Company > System Emails to access system emails settings:

Email From & Reply To address:
 Optionally customize the From name and Reply to email address for system-generated emails. Leave these fields blank to use system defaults.

Email notifications: Activate / Deactivate system email notifications. Please check the contextual help on this screen for additional guidance.

Email Logo: Optionally add your logo to the top of system emails.

Email Header & Footer text: Optionally add header and/or footer text to system-generated emails.

About Locations

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Adding locations is optional. If you plan to set up locations it's recommended that you do so prior to adding aircraft or users.

Once you've added more than one location:

  • You can assign each aircraft to a location
  • Each Instructor can be listed as available to be scheduled at one or more locations
  • Each user can be granted access to one or more locations

Should I set up locations?

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You might consider having multiple locations within one Flight Schedule Pro company if:

  • You're expecting a lot of users and majority of users will need access to resources at both "Location A" and "Location B"
  • You'd prefer to maintain a shared database and unified reporting for both locations
  • You want to maintain a single profile for members, customers, clients (reservations, documentation, memberships, aircraft checkouts, etc.)

Instead of adding multiple locations within a single company on Flight Schedule Pro, you might consider creating a new Flight Schedule Pro company for each "location" if:

  • You are trying to manage separate operational business units
  • You'd prefer or are ok with maintaining separate data and reports for these units
Note: Flight Schedule Pro supports single sign-on. Switching from one company to another is as easy as clicking your name at the top right > My Companies.

Add a Location

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To add a location, go to Settings > Company > Locations

Click Add to create a new location.

Important steps after adding location(s):
  • We'll automatically grant you access to new locations you create.  However, you may want to verify which location(s) you have access to (see below).
  • Edit each aircraft and assign it to a location (Aircraft > Select an Aircraft > Edit Aircraft)
  • Edit each Instructor and set which location's they are available to be scheduled at (Instructors > Select Instructor > Edit Instructor)
  • Give users access to locations (see below)

Verify which location(s) you have access to

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1. Go to Home  My Profile > Account Settings

2. Select Online Access from the drop-down menu (see image below)

3. If you want to add a location, click on the
Location box to add locations.

Default Location: Optionally select a default location so while you're scheduling the system will auto-select this location.

Give users access to locations

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By default, user's won't have access to resources at any new locations you create. You'll need to grant them access.

How do I give users access to locations?

  • You can do so when you are adding or approving users (See article "Add, Invite, and Approve users")
  • You can give an existing user access to location(s) by editing their Online Access (see below)

Add or remove an existing user's access to location(s):

  1. Go to People on the left-hand menu
  2. Click "View" for the user you want to edit
  3. Go to "Account Settings" from the user's profile
  4. Select Online Access
  5. Click on the Location box to add or remove locations
Default location: Optionally set a default locations for this user so when they are scheduling the system will auto-select this location.


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