How do I upgrade my company to Flight Schedule Pro v4?

This article is about upgrading to Flight Schedule Pro v4 from version 3.
Please Note
  • You don't need to upgrade if you created your company after January 1st, 2016 - you're already using v4.
  • Only Administrators can schedule upgrade to v4.
  • If you use v3 Billing and want to upgrade, upgrade is available but the process is a bit different. Read More

Schedule Upgrade to Flight Schedule Pro v4:

  1. Log in to version 3 as you would normally
  2. Cick the large blue "v4 Now Available" banner in the right hand column; this will log you in to version 4. If you don't see this "v4 Now Available" banner on your homepage while logged into v3, you can still access v4 by going to after you've signed into v3.
  3. In the large blue banner on your dashboard, click the link next to "Like what you see? Schedule Upgrade to v4". If you don't see this banner on your homepage while logged into v4 this means you do not have proper permissions to upgrade to v4. You won't see this option if you currently use v3 Billing (read more about upgrading from v3 Billing).
Once you schedule upgrade, users will see a yellow banner at the top of v3 that lets them know when the upgrade will happen and provides a preview link so they can become familiar with the new version. On your upgrade date, we'll simply redirect users at your company to the new version.

About Flight Schedule Pro v4:

v4's new technology enables us to add features in about half the time. Things that took months before take weeks now. This means we can maintain and improve the product faster than ever, and with better quality.

Flight Schedule Pro v4 offers many new features and usability improvements:
  • Modern and Simple Interface
  • Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling with new 3-Day and 7-Day layouts
  • New Pilot Records Management
  • Improved Maintenance Tracking
  • All New Reporting
  • New Billing and Point of Sale Add-On (Learn More)
  • Training Add-On (Learn More)

Frequently Asked Questions

 When can we upgrade? Who is allowed to schedule upgrade?

You can schedule upgrade right now, however, you must select an upgrade date that's at least 3 weeks out. Only Administrators can schedule upgrade to v4. For companies that currently use v3 Billing, read more about upgrading from v3 Billing.

Once we schedule upgrade, are there any setup tasks for v4?

There are a couple review & set up items we'll have you complete prior to your upgrade date which should take you about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Once you request upgrade, we'll email you more details about these important set up tasks. We want to make sure you're familiar with Activity Types and User Documents in v4 and have them set up as you'd like. These are powerful new features you'll want to know about!

Will the current version (v3) still be supported?

Yes, at least for now. We understand that change can be difficult which is why we're giving you the choice of when to upgrade. However, we'll eventually need to shut down v3 - it's not feasible to keep both systems running long-term. If you haven't already, we encourage you to take a look at the benefits of v4.  If you're not ready to upgrade just yet, please stay tuned. We believe you'll want to take advantage of new features being continually released on v4.

What exactly has changed in the new version?

v4 is a whole new product. It looks and behaves differently. It has some new features. We didn’t just rebuild the old Flight Schedule Pro using a new technology, we completely redesigned the product in support of our long term effort to deliver more value to you, in new ways.

Will my customers and members have difficulty using the new version?

People have booked over 1 million reservations on Flight Schedule Pro v4 already. Most users have no issues getting around the new version. For those that want a bit more help, video tutorials are conveniently located on the v4 home page. Help is only a click away for the people who need it.

Is there a cost to upgrade and are you going to raise prices?

There are no fees to upgrade to version 4. We are planning to re-evaluate our subscription plans in 2016 which will most likely lead to a rate increase for some of our customers. We expect any changes in price to go into effect regardless of the FSP version being utilized.

What's the backstory on this? Why did you create a new version?

Our mission is to help general aviation businesses and organizations streamline their operations and grow their revenues well into the future. However, in 2014 we came to the realization that our technology was becoming outdated. New advances in technology would enable us to develop new features in about half the time, and of better quality.

We saw a future where mobile friendliness and simplicity of design would not only be desired, but would be expected. We would we need a website that worked well on many different screen sizes. And, we would need an infrastructure capable of supporting native apps on many different mobile platforms.

Starting over was a difficult decision for us to make: the project would take many thousands of hours of R & D and over two years to complete. However, we've never been scared of a little hard work! We agreed it was time to re-think Flight Schedule Pro and start from the ground up.

Our goals for the new version were 3 fold:
  1. Faster Product Improvements: Use new technology to release better features faster
  2. Simple and Mobile Friendly: A painless interface that works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  3. Platform: A platform that enables us to grow and meet the needs of our customers well into the future
v4 is now available for use . . . and we are just getting started! Thank you for your willingness to explore something new with us in the months and years to come. We’re excited to take the next steps toward a better future together.

All the Best,

Jasen C. Barnes
Co-Founder, CEO
Flight Schedule Pro

P.S. Want to learn more about what v4 has to offer? Read our Blog

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