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  1. 1. Set up your Company

  2. 2. Set up User Roles

  3. 3. Set up User Documents

  4. 4. Set up Scheduling

  5. 5. Add, Invite, Import, and Approve Users

  6. 6. Set up Dispatching / Flight Recording

  7. 7. Set up Aircraft Maintenance

  8. 8. Set up the Billing & Point of Sale add on

  9. 9. Set Up the Student Training Add On

  10. About Instruction Types (v4)

  11. About Instructor Roles (v3)

  12. About Instructor Time-Off (v3)

  13. About Pilot Roles (v3)

  14. Aircraft Maintenance Overview (v3)

  15. Auto-renew is now required for annual subscribers

  16. Billing & Invoicing Overview (v3)

  17. Can I reactivate a previous trial account

  18. Cannot override my base work schedule using time-on/time-off entries (v3)

  19. Customers are not getting emails when reservations are created/edited/deleted (v3)

  20. Dispatch and Record your Flights

  21. Dispatching Overview (v3)

  22. Eliminate last minute cancellations (v3)

  23. Example Activity Types (v4)

  24. Fields description for aircraft times page (v3)

  25. Google Calendar Sync

  26. How can I add two customers to a reservation? (v3)

  27. How can I change the default reservation length from 2 hours to 1.5 hours? (v3)

  28. How can I set the work schedule for a an instructor or staff pilot as always available? (v3)

  29. How can we schedule by aircraft type? (v3)

  30. How do I activate flight recording with dispatching? (v3)

  31. How do I add a new flight instructor? (v3)

  32. How do I add a new role? (v3)

  33. How do I add an Aircraft? (v3)

  34. How do I add and invite users? (v3)

  35. How do I add available shifts to a work schedule? (v3)

  36. How do I approve new users? (v3)

  37. How do I assign a user to more than one role? (v3)

  38. How do I assign mass users to a role or roles? (v3)

  39. How do I assign users to roles? (v3)

  40. How do I cancel my subscription?

  41. How do I change plans, billing cycle, or billing contact info?

  42. How do I create a custom view? (v3)

  43. How do I create a custom view? (v3)

  44. How do I create a maintenance reminder for an aircraft? (v3)

  45. How do I deactivate an aircraft temporarily? (v3)

  46. How do I disable remote user signup? (v3)

  47. How do I display other peoples names on the schedule views? (v3)

  48. How do I down an aircraft for maintenance? (v3)

  49. How do I edit a custom view? (v3)

  50. How do I edit a user's pilot information? (v3)

  51. How do I edit a user's role assignment? (v3)

  52. How do I edit an Aircraft? (v3)

  53. How do I edit and review roles? (v3)

  54. How do I edit role scheduling preferences? (v3)

  55. How do I make a reservation? (v3)

  56. How do I make time off and time on entries for instructors? (v3)

  57. How do I override permissions for a user? (v3)

  58. How do I print the schedule? (v3)

  59. How do I record evidence of TSA documentation? (v3)

  60. How do I redirect users to my website when they logout of Flight Schedule Pro? (v3)

  61. How do I remove a Flight Instructor? (v3)

  62. How do I remove mass users from a role? (v3)

  63. How do I set the aircraft schedule order? (v3)

  64. How do I set the schedule to show the view of my choice? (v3)

  65. How do I setup Billing & Invoicing? (v3)

  66. How do I setup company wide scheduling preferences? (v3)

  67. How do I setup dispatch checks? (v3)

  68. How do I setup multiple locations? (v3)

  69. How do I setup reservation checks? (v3)

  70. How do I setup reservation types? (v3)

  71. How do I specify which hours are displayed on my schedule views? (v3)

  72. How do I update the credit card used for our subscription?

  73. How do I upgrade my company from v3 to v4 Billing & POS?

  74. How do I upgrade my company to Flight Schedule Pro v4?

  75. How do I view/edit a user's profile? (v3)

  76. How to format text (v4)

  77. How to I setup pilot currency items? (v3)

  78. How to Setup Instructor Availability (v3)

  79. I forgot my password, email, or username

  80. Instructor Overview (v3)

  81. Making Reservations

  82. Manage your Personal Account

  83. Pilot Currency Overview (v3)

  84. Priority Reservation Hours (v3)

  85. Receiving SMS text messages on your mobile phone (v3)

  86. Scheduling Overview (v3)

  87. Scheduling Rules Setup (v3)

  88. Set up MagTek Credit Card Reader / Swiper

  89. Set up QuickBooks Online Integration

  90. Set up your Work Schedule

  91. Should I setup multiple locations? (v3)

  92. Standby Reservations Overview (v3)

  93. Training Add On Tutorials

  94. Use Student Training

  95. User Management Overview (v3)

  96. What are the file size and dimension requirements for images uploaded to the system? (v3)

  97. Why managing user permissions with Roles is a good idea (v4)

  98. Why you should require Customer 1 or Member 1

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