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  1. Pilot Currency Overview (v3)

  2. How do I edit a user's pilot information? (v3)

  3. How to I setup pilot currency items? (v3)

  4. How do I setup reservation checks? (v3)

  5. How do I record evidence of TSA documentation? (v3)

  6. Dispatching Overview (v3)

  7. How do I activate flight recording with dispatching? (v3)

  8. How do I setup dispatch checks? (v3)

  9. Scheduling Overview (v3)

  10. Scheduling Rules Setup (v3)

  11. How do I setup reservation types? (v3)

  12. Eliminate last minute cancellations (v3)

  13. Priority Reservation Hours (v3)

  14. How do I specify which hours are displayed on my schedule views? (v3)

  15. How do I create a custom view? (v3)

  16. How do I set the aircraft schedule order? (v3)

  17. Should I setup multiple locations? (v3)

  18. How can I add two customers to a reservation? (v3)

  19. How do I edit role scheduling preferences? (v3)

  20. How do I setup company wide scheduling preferences? (v3)

  21. How can we schedule by aircraft type? (v3)

  22. Standby Reservations Overview (v3)

  23. How do I edit a custom view? (v3)

  24. How do I create a custom view? (v3)

  25. How do I set the schedule to show the view of my choice? (v3)

  26. How do I make a reservation? (v3)

  27. How do I display other peoples names on the schedule views? (v3)

  28. How can I change the default reservation length from 2 hours to 1.5 hours? (v3)

  29. How do I print the schedule? (v3)

  30. How do I setup multiple locations? (v3)

  31. Why you should require Customer 1 or Member 1

  32. User Management Overview (v3)

  33. How do I add and invite users? (v3)

  34. How do I approve new users? (v3)

  35. How do I view/edit a user's profile? (v3)

  36. How do I remove mass users from a role? (v3)

  37. How do I assign mass users to a role or roles? (v3)

  38. How do I assign a user to more than one role? (v3)

  39. How do I assign users to roles? (v3)

  40. How do I override permissions for a user? (v3)

  41. How do I edit and review roles? (v3)

  42. How do I edit a user's role assignment? (v3)

  43. How do I add a new role? (v3)

  44. How do I disable remote user signup? (v3)

  45. Receiving SMS text messages on your mobile phone (v3)

  46. Why managing user permissions with Roles is a good idea (v4)

  47. What are the file size and dimension requirements for images uploaded to the system? (v3)

  48. How do I redirect users to my website when they logout of Flight Schedule Pro? (v3)

  49. Cannot override my base work schedule using time-on/time-off entries (v3)

  50. Customers are not getting emails when reservations are created/edited/deleted (v3)

  51. About Pilot Roles (v3)

  52. Instructor Overview (v3)

  53. About Instructor Roles (v3)

  54. About Instructor Time-Off (v3)

  55. How to Setup Instructor Availability (v3)

  56. How do I add available shifts to a work schedule? (v3)

  57. How do I remove a Flight Instructor? (v3)

  58. How do I make time off and time on entries for instructors? (v3)

  59. How can I set the work schedule for a an instructor or staff pilot as always available? (v3)

  60. Aircraft Maintenance Overview (v3)

  61. How do I add an Aircraft? (v3)

  62. How do I edit an Aircraft? (v3)

  63. How do I down an aircraft for maintenance? (v3)

  64. How do I deactivate an aircraft temporarily? (v3)

  65. Fields description for aircraft times page (v3)

  66. How do I create a maintenance reminder for an aircraft? (v3)

  67. How to format text (v4)

  68. How do I setup Billing & Invoicing? (v3)

  69. Billing & Invoicing Overview (v3)

  70. How do I add a new flight instructor? (v3)

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