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    We’ve been looking into this further. It’s a feature we would love to add and I believe we will. Ideally if an appointment was created or edited in Flight Schedule Pro, your personal calendar would immediately be updated.

    However, there’s a real down side to us syncing with personal calendars. It’s the fact that they new appointments won’t show up immediately and when appointments are rescheduled in Flight Schedule Pro the update won’t be seen for many hours in your personal calendar.

    For example, if you use Google Calendar, it could take 8 hours or more for an appointment rescheduled in Flight Schedule Pro to show the correct start-time in Google Calendar.

    Google knows about this issue, but it’s not something they plan on fixing.

    I just wanted to share this information with you and see if you still love this full sync feature.

    Would you mind commenting and letting…

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    I have some expertise in this space but more importantly, I use many web-based scheduling solutions for various reasons like kids soccer where games/fields change all the time.

    The "show stopper" sync delay you mention I don't see as a major blocker. Yes in an ideal world everything would be in-sycn. And yes there is a delay and much of it depends on how the persons mobile device is configured which you have no control over. But the benefit to us users, even during the edge case of change, is much greater than the downside.

    They way that most everyone in the industry works around the delay issue is to send an email and/or an SMS when there is a change. This has a some benefits. First most folks look at their calendar a couple of times a day. So even if the event was changed they may or may not notice. It also takes care of the cache latency issue. This lets the user know they should refresh their calendar if it does not match the calendar app or go look at the record on the website.

    My $.02
    Chris Wilson

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